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Kantatar (Barbed Wire) revolves around the journey of Sudha, an illegal emigrant who for survival’s sake and in search of an identity, moves from one male to another and from one religion to another.


The sudden threat of cross border terrorism entirely changes the socio-political situation of a remote village close to the frontier, where the army come in, taking its toll on inter-personal relationships that get marred by suspicion, competition and fear.


Sudha takes refuge in a temporary weather camp just outside the village. She develops a physical relationship with Binod, the weather balloonist, whose job is to take note of the frequent change of the direction of the wind.


But soon Sudha’s identity comes into question and she is seen as a suspect. Her dream of a secured shelter is once again threatened.


The film is an introspective journey into the many lives of Sudha. Her transition from one religion to another, in course of her struggle for existence, not only ridicules the communal politics in our country but once again underlines the fact, when it comes to survival, religion becomes irrelevant.